Memorabilia Collection


Here you can view a very small sample of our ever growing collection of City Boys memorabilia.

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Many items have been generously donated by Old Boys and Staff. The collection was swelled considerably following the clearout of Downing Drive prior to demolition (in 2013/14). Our comprehensive range of memorabilia now includes:-
  • clothing items
  • photographs of classes, teams and trips
  • panoramic photographs of the whole school (many framed) across all decades (1920s-1970s)
  • trophies/awards/certificates
  • text books and exercise books
  • school film footage, spanning many years, transferred to dvd.
  • A near complete set of the termly school magazine The Wyvernian (including a bound version!)
  • (Pre-computer!) administration records relevant to the running of the school.

A good selection of the memorabilia is always on display at the annual reunions and invariably attracts a great deal of attention.

Part of the memorabilia display at the 2014 Reunion

All donated items remain the property of the owner, and can be recalled at any time.

We do like to point out that in the course of a new generation coming along, items that mean a lot to you, may not mean much to them. We often hear stories of Old Boys 'passing on', and their old school books etc. being just thrown out. If you don't want this to happen, and you'd like to have your items enjoyed by others, please do get in touch.