Memorabilia Collection


Here you can view a very small sample of the collection of City Boys memorabilia that was acquired whilst Wyvernians were active. In 2023 after 25 years, our founder Dennis Duggan felt that the full Wyvernians had run its course. Since then all the memorabilia has been found appropriate homes. The Leicester and Leicestershire Record Office at Wigston gratefully accepted all the written and printed items - books, magazines, index cards, photographs etc - and the Leicester Museums Service was pleased to take most of the trophies and the clothing items. They were talking about doing some sort of exhibition about the Grammar Schools in Leicester but whether that will happen or not, we don't know. Remaining clothing items - caps, scarves etc have been donated to the Costume department of the Little Theatre in Leicester who were also very pleased to receive them. 

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Many items had been generously donated by Old Boys and Staff. The collection was swelled considerably following the clearout of Downing Drive prior to demolition (in 2013/14). Our comprehensive range of memorabilia included:-
  • clothing items
  • photographs of classes, teams and trips
  • panoramic photographs of the whole school (many framed) across all decades (1920s-1970s)
  • trophies/awards/certificates
  • text books and exercise books
  • school film footage, spanning many years, transferred to dvd.
  • A near complete set of the termly school magazine The Wyvernian (including a bound version!)
  • (Pre-computer!) administration records relevant to the running of the school.

A good selection of the memorabilia was always on display at the annual reunions and invariably attracted a great deal of attention.

Part of the memorabilia display at the 2014 Reunion