War Memorial Boards

For many years these memorials to CBS Old Boys who died in the two World Wars hung in the hall of the school, later named Clarence House, in Humberstone Gate, Leicester.

They were removed when the school moved to new premises in 1965, but were returned to Clarence House in March 2007. Old boy Brian Screaton was instrumental in rescuing the memorials & arranging for them to be restored and reinstated at Clarence House.

A simple yet moving ceremony to rededicate the boards was conducted by the Rev Gerald T Rimmington, who is an Old Boy of the school. A wreath was laid by Ed Featherstone, a former Commander in the Royal Navy and also an Old Boy. We invited relatives and friends of those named on the boards and several came to the service.

Old boy Mike Ratcliff  produced the superb photos of the memorials, along with a list of those who fell in the two great world wars

WWI Board
NOTE: The name of the school changed from Newarke, seen on the WW1 board, to City Boys' in 1919 when Leicester became a city.

Wording of the board is as follows:-



1914 – 1918

Victor Palmer Bosworth (1912-1914)  Rifleman, The King’s Royal Rifles.1917

Bertie Gilbert Boulter (1913-1915) Private, The West Yorkshire Regiment. 1918
Alfred Ernest Chambers M.C. (1908-1912) Lieutenant, The Royal Fusiliers. 1918
Arthur Hyslop Gascoigne (1912-1915) Private, The King’s Liverpool Regiment. 1918
Arthur Harold Dunkley (1911-1913) Private, The Durham Light Infantry. 1918
Walter Rudolph Howard (1910-1913) Trooper, The Leicestershire Yeomanry. 1916
Carl Owen Jordan (1908-1912) Private, The Leicestershire Regiment. 1916
Ronald Anderson Kerr (1911-1912) Private, The Leicestershire Regiment. 1917
Sidney George Marston (1908-1914) Private, The London Scottish. 1916
Lionel Nichols (1909-1913) Signaller, The Royal Sussex Regiment. 1917
William Duncan Squires (1909-1912) Corporal, R.F.A. 1916
Eric Rowland Thomas (1909-1911) 2nd Lieutenant, The Cheshire Regiment. 1917
Frank Meredith Tompson (1908-1914) Private, The Seaforth Highlanders. 1917
Herbert John Toon (1908-1911) Lance-Corporal, The Leicestershire Regiment. 1915

WWII Board

Full wording of the board is as follows:-





Roy Addison
Thomas Merrill Adlard
Gordon Derrick Barnes
Bertie Arthur Beeby*
Roland Horace Bellamy
Ben Bingley
Clifford Willson Brant
Frank Thomas Bown
Roy Callis
Ronald Victor Collington
Leonard Court
Benjamin Cox
Harold Day
Alan Dockerty
Leonard Norman Drake
Charles Frederick Ellis
John Elton
Henry Flavill
John Horace Fletcher
Kenneth Gamble
John James Garner
William Henry Glover
Thomas Francis Michael Gowan
Thomas Henry Grain
Edward Francis Gregory
Donald Leigh Griffiths
Reginald Gordon Ashton Hand
Philip Arthur Healy
Edwin Henry Herbert
Claude Lionel Geoffrey Hood
Ronald Arthur Horton
Kenneth William Hughes
Alec John Jackson
Cecil Tom Keates
Tom William Kempin
Maurice Henry Knowles
Frederick Arthur Lancaster
Leslie Thomas Lewin
Douglas Charles Lord
Cyril Walter Lovell
Frederick Arthur Ernest Marshall
Eric Anthony Martin
Thomas William Mayes
Angus John McDonnell
John Edward Moss
Philip Henry Moulton
Harry Kenneth Mundin
Harry Stockton Murby
David Robert Neal
Ernest Roy Neal
Thomas Norman
Vincent Edward Norman
Brian Preston
Frank Leslie Reynolds
Ronald James Reynolds
Sydney Riddington
Edward Bonsor Riley
Herbert Arthur Roberts
Ronald Albert Rudkin
Samuel Ivan Rudkin
Thomas Herbert Saunders
Denis William Sharpe
Graham Frederick Simpkin
Leo Lawrence Simpson
Douglas Frank Smart
Horace James Worthing Smith
John Bryan Smith
Philip Standley Smith
Roland Tom Smith
Wilfred Henry Speke
Donald Edward Staniforth
Leonard George Stone
John Derrick Thompson
Raymond Frere Waterman
Vincent Owen Weston
John Harold Wilson
Norman Yates

As part of the 75th Anniversary commemorations of D Day, in June 2019 Brian Screaton wrote an article as a tribute to those Old Boys who gave their lives in WWII. A copy of the article can be viewed HERE

The unveiling of the Second World War Memorial Board 
in the School Hall on Sunday 14th November 1948.
The Lord Mayor, Councillor JN Frears is doing the unveiling,
with the Headmaster, Mr Crammer, to his right.

* The following item (from our founder Dennis Duggan) appeared in issue 67 (Sept 2010) of our newsletter relating to Bertie Beeby named above:-

"Back in May I received an e-mail from one Diane Jones, whose grandfather was called Bertie Arthur Beeby. He was killed in action in 1941, and the only known place where his name is commemorated is on a plaque in Libya, and thus inaccessible to her mother (Bertie's daughter) Diane's mother never knew her father, as she was a baby when he was killed, and her mother died when Diane's mother was nine-years-old. Somehow their search for a memorial to Bertie in the UK led to the Wyvernians web site, and her grandfather's name is on the memorial we had restored, and installed in the Hall at Clarence House. As a result Diane and her parents visited Age Concern, who were extremely helpful, and she tells me the occasion was very moving. Her mother thanks Wyvernians for finding the memorial, and having it restored, and had no idea her father attended CBS."

We received a further enquiry about Bertie Beeby from another relative via Facebook. They were attempting to compile a family tree. We were able to provide some facts gleaned from the pupil index cards (rescued from the Downing Drive clearout).