'Honours Wounds etc'

As previously noted, in addition to the information about some of the seventy-seven names on the Second World War Memorial Board, we also have a small envelope upon which is written ‘Honours, Wounds etc’. It contains newspaper cuttings about some of the former City Boys pupils who were wounded during the War, became prisoners of war, or received honours of some kind (eg for their bravery). They are listed in alphabetical order below…

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Eric BOWN 1931-36. Sergeant, Leicestershire Regiment. Reported to be in a prisoner of war camp in Germany.

Colin Charles CLARKE 1932-35. Major. Wounded and received treatment in the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Desmond Geoffrey EXON 1935-40. Gained his RAF pilot’s wings in Canada in 1944.

Norman Jack HANGER 1926-28. Private, RAOC. Captured at Tobruk and imprisoned at Stalag AF/D 602 situated in Klitschmar, north of Leipzig. 271 prisoners were held. Norman escaped with 60 others whilst being marched east in April 1945 and got home safely.

Peter Charles JINKS 1934-38. Able Seaman. Joined the Navy at the age of 17, in 1941. Injured in a plane crash at sea in 1943.

Robert Kenneth KINTON 1926-28. Bombardier. Captured at Tobruk in 1941 and was imprisoned in Stalag 344 near the small town of Lamsdorf (now called Ɓambinowice) in Poland.

Eric Victor LEETHAM 1931-33. Corporal. Served with Royal Corps of Signals in the East Africa Command and travelled extensively throughout Africa.

William Edwin SMITH 1933-38. Gunner. Wounded and in hospital in England.

Victor Tom STACEY 1935-40. Pilot/Sub Lieutenant in Fleet Air Arm. Called up in September 1942 and gained his wings in Canada.

Maurice Shirley STALLARD 1935-41. Served in the Indian Army.

Leonard Howard STANDLEY 1933-38. Flight Sergeant and Air Gunner. Awarded  the Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)

Harry Edward THOMPSON 1934-39. Sergeant. Taken prisoner of war. Reported in 1944.

William Norman Patrick WALKER 1927-29. Sapper, Royal Engineers. Wounded in Normandy, August 1944.

Horace Walter WARD 1928-33. Lance Sergeant. Taken prisoner in France in 1940 and interned in Stalag 383, situated at Hohenfels in Bavaria. This camp housed British POWs from 1940 until it's evacuation in May 1945 and forced march westwards. Horace gained several qualifications during his time there.

Kenneth Cecil WARD 1926-30. Staff Sergeant RAMC. Whilst on active service in India in 1944 he trekked from Darjeeling to Sikkim, a distance of about 175 miles.

Colin Sidney Clarke WATERFIELD 1935-40. Signaller. Wounded in left leg whilst serving in Normandy in 1944.

Author: Brian Screaton
June 2019