Group Photos

John Graham (56-63) has donated a few photos that we've scanned and put on our Facebook page. To view them CLICK/TAP HERE. (Note you don't need to register with Facebook to view them).

Here are a variety of other photos
Can anyone add any missing details to any of these? :-

Probably 1 Alpha in 1961 - from Steve Mellor

Back row L-R Unknown, Palmer, “Wild Bill” Draycott – eventually a dentist, Unknown, Colin Desborough, Me (Steve Mellor), Unknown, Lacey, Paul Jolley?, Duggan – Ian I think? (No relation to Dennis (I thought it was Jim (webmaster)))
Middle row L-R David Bates, Unknown, Unknown, Giddings – I think?, Martin Collins?, Unknown, Unknown, MacLean?,  Unknown, Unknown
Front row L-R Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Richard McMorran, Chris Chapman, Unknown, Bromilow, Unknown, Dunkley?, Mick Quincy, Cornelius?
H E L P ! ! !
Anecdote from Dave Postles: "David Bates obtained the undying respect of Wally
because he knew what were rheas and pirhanas.  In responding to Wally's
question about the identification of the p[irhana, Bates answered 'A
man-eating fish', allowing Wally to exercise his time-worn joke: 'What's
so unusual about that?'"

Form 5S in 1960-61 - see ALL names
now on Facebook (May 16) HERE

Found on ebay June 2016!

1 Alpha from July 1937! Any names?

The Life Saving Team (named!) for 1952:-

4B from September 1950 - Any names please?
Interestingly a copy of this photo appeared on our Facebook page (HERE) recently - marked as 5B not 4B 

A (part) named class from March 52 - which class though?
A 1963 whole school panoramic - click to see a slideshow version (in 9 parts) on our Facebook page

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